Study Finds Eating Just One Slice Of Bacon A Day Linked To Higher Risk Of Colorectal Cancer

A recent study suggests that a simple thing as eating a slice of bacon could result in cancer. The study further says that consuming a reasonable amount of processed red meat is connected to resulting in colorectal or otherwise bowel cancer.

The risk level is shown to be at an increased level in processed food than regular red meat. Sausages or bacon the processed forms of red meat posed a higher risk of colorectal cancer by 20% for every 25 grams, whereas the risk was at 19% for every 50 grams of red meat consumption according to the study. 25 grams of processed meat can be compared to a very thin slice of bacon.

According to Professor Tim Key, who is also the co-author of the study and the Deputy Director of University of Oxford’s cancer epidemiology unit is of the opinion that a small amount of processed meat is equivalent to a large piece of red meat.

When compared to people who had a lesser amount of ham, those who consume processed meat on a regular basis are at a larger risk. People who eat beef burgers almost every day are at risk of developing colorectal cancer by 20%.

The research which was done with the contribution from the Cancer Research UK along with NHS’ suggestions, advises people to reduce the intake of red and processed meat to at least 70 grams, than the average consumption of 90 grams a day in the UK. According to the UK’s NHS (National Health Service), a thin slice of ham consists of 23 grams of processed meat.

The study was conducted over a period of years which took into consideration the diet of almost half a million adults in the UK. The age group of the adults who were studied was from 40 and 69 years of age. As many as 2609 participants were reported to have colorectal cancer during the period of study. The International Journal of Epidemiology has published the study.

Earlier researches were based on data of people from the 1990s. The recent study according to the author provides accurate information. He says that the study gives information about the recent days and he is of the opinion that the diet of people has changed a lot in the current scenario. He also adds that people who ate processed meat as less as twice a week were at a lower risk than when compared to people who ate processed meat often. The research further states that alcohol consumption is also one of the major contributors to colorectal cancer.

Including a lot of fiber in the form of cereals or bread can be helpful in the reduction of colorectal cancer states the study.

The American Cancer Society has reported that colorectal cancer causes an average of half a million deaths every year and is considered to be one among the three common cancers. The World Health Organization also considers processed meat be ‘carcinogenic to humans’. An associate professor at the University of Reading, UK considers this study to be one of the largest studies to be undertaken in the UK.

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