Sites Like 123Movies – Updated Aug 2020

Media streaming is a trend that has taken the world by storm. There are various online movie streaming sites to choose from and 123Movies is one of the most popular sites. It was recently shutdown on the grounds of piracy. In case, if you are looking for other alternatives that work in a similar fashion here is a list for you. All of these sites offer nearly all the features that 123Movies offered. Most of them do not demand complicated signup procedures. Therefore you can continue enjoying your favorite movies.

Here are some of the paid sites where you can enjoy free movies. All it takes is to choose the right type of subscription plan and you are good to go:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Kanopy
  • HBO Now
  • YouTube

These sites emphasis on an annual or monthly subscription being paid. The pricing varies based on the plan. Each plan comes with different features such as the supported devices and others.

Our Top 9 Free Streaming Sites

If you do not want to go through the hassle of creating an account or pay for the subscription then here are some of the movie streaming sites that you can try. These are the best options to choose in place of 123Movies.


Website Link:
This is one of the most popular free movie streaming sites with ads keep popping up. So, make sure that you have good Adblocker in place. There is also a mirror page such as 123Movies on this website. You would be able to find several new movies, movies still in the cinemas as well as HD movies to stream. Finding a movie on this site is very easy. You can also browse based on the genre, country and year. On the streaming page of each movie you would also find basic information about the movie and a link to the trailer. You would also find recommendations on similar movies.

Website Link:
This is one of the best replicas of 123Movies. You can easily browse through the collection based on the genre, or even request for a movie. This one also presents several TV series. If you are confused about the right movie to choose you can check the IMDB rating based list as well. You do have options such as watch movies, download them, add some to Favorites so as to watch later or even share the movie link with your friends.


Website Link:
This has a neat collection of new and old movies. There is also plenty of TV series to watch. On the movie page you get to read the synopsis and view other basic details including information on cast and runtime.

Yes Movies

Website link:
This is one of my favorite sites for TV series, all the popular ones from across the globe. You can find suggestions based on the currently popular ones in the cinemas, top IMDB ratings and the featured series. Choose from a list of servers available so as to experience the best streaming speeds. Before viewing the movie you can also have a glimpse at the snapshot of its casting information and storyline. This is another website that contains a similar menu and experience like 123Movies.

C Movies HD

Website Link:
At first glance this one looks closely similar to Yes Movies. You would also find a similar collection of movies on this one. You can access several latest movies, TV series and also view a list of the ones that most of the users have requested. This way you know what is coming up as well.


Website Link:
If you are looking for a streaming site that is very smooth and quick to load this is one of the best choices. You can find movies, listed in alphabetic order, based on the ratings and other features. If you are looking for BluRay movies in 720p and 1080p qualities then this is a good site to try. You get to choose the source or even watch the trailer before you watch the actual movie. Scan through the screenshots from the movie, rating information, cast details and more on the movie streaming page. You do not have to create an account to start watching the movies. Although, the site does allow you to create an account and start from where you left the previous time.


Website Link:
HDO offers movies in both CAM and HD qualities. Simply hover over the movie on the front page to view a sneak-peek into what the movie is about. You would be able to find a good assortment of some of the latest movies as well. There are both TV shows and movies on this site. You can find the top IMDB list to watch. There is also an A-Z list to browse through. If you do not know which movie to pick then choose based on the ‘Most Viewed Today’, ‘Most Favorite’ and ‘Most Rating’ lists. You can add a movie to your Favorites, share the watch link on social media or even post your comments and get into discussions.


Website Link:
FlixTor is a great site for movies and TV shows. You can easily find popular episodes on various TV shows or just create your own lists. On the Home page you can find the movies that are running in the cinemas as well as look at what most people are watching around the world. There is also a paid VIP membership allowed on this site. This gives you access to the VIP area. The pool of movies and TV shows that you can access expands with this membership.


Website Link:
This is another free movie streaming site which I like for the simplicity of the interface it offers. There are multiple alternate servers provided for most movies to give you the best quality and streaming speeds. When you click on the movie you wish to watch it starts playing in a new tab.

These 9 sites are ready to use right away without having to create an account or provide your email address. If you are willing to use your contact details there are plenty of other websites to try as well.

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