Influencers Are Abandoning The Instagram Look

Social Media is getting sensational on varied platforms. Instagram is one that is breathtaking and conditionally driving people to create accessibility the way Influencers do. This is the trend of the current era. There is a significant change in the thought process, especially among celebrities. They get to see that superficial edits on their pictures can influence and create an attraction throughout the world.  However, this has certainly caused an abandoning change on the Instagram look. Let us ponder a little more in detail to understand this and look for possibilities that can let the world drive in the right direction.

Universal recognition is a great aspiration for many influencers in social media. Colorful pictures with unrealistic edits have created alarming attractions on the Instagram walls. The variety and the number of opportunities tend to increase on a positive note as the pictures seem unique although the beauty of reality is taken away. This will bring in financial gains that are beyond their expectations. Thus, custom filters applied to their pictures by default can make a strong stand at their own will. The pastel color crunch and the millennial pink attraction have made it more significant. However, this is slowly taking away the Instagram look and perspectives in a filthy direction.

Next to the financial gains, it is the technically supportive innovations that made influencers seek such changes easily. To screen and edit a picture takes no much time these days. Also, we have a variety of options that keep coming ahead. Adobe recently brought in mobile-friendly features that commenced the preset technology. It enabled people to edit their images with advanced techniques quickly from their mobiles sitting anywhere. This, along with bright walls and attractive captions tend to steal away the show predominantly among the conservative superstars. In a way, preset packages produced by other companies have become a passive income for the Influencers when they become brand ambassadors of the product.

Hashtags help the non influencers also to get popularity in a simpler manner. The young minds use the influencer’s name to seek such gimmick preset package ideas to bring a sway of followers for themselves. It has connected many people with similar stylish ideas.

A regular and a static flat photo feed in Instagram turned out to be so much superficial because of the best technologies around us. Financial gains have been the underlying objective as detailed above. The question here is, “Are we moving in the right direction?”  The purpose of Instagram born to connect people for good causes is getting abandoned day by day. The social aspects that drive this platform take a turn towards marketing aspects that are not really good. The younger population today has started incorporating such unique ideas to gain popularity. It will not be surprising to see them go to any extent. Dressing styles and attitude goes for a toss that they have started posting attractive images of them.

There should be a set standard that promotes reality within us. When every individual incorporates it, then the Instagram look will prevail now and forever.

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