How to watch movies online for free – Updated May 2019

Most of us today prefer to watch movies online at home. Watching them on the internet is easier than buying/renting a DVD or a blu-ray and watching it on a device.

This is further supported by the fact that a lot of websites today stream movies and shows that are equivalent in quality/sound to what we watch in theatres. Why would a viewer who is able to watch the movies for free from home itself, would consider buying expensive tickets to go and watch it outside?

Movie streaming websites can be broadly categorized into two kinds:

  1. Online movie sites that allow the viewers to download the movies for free without registration and
  2. Online sites that allow the viewers to download and watch movies with compulsory registration.

In the latter, the viewer is expected to subscribe to the website by paying a slab charge and then they can watch n number of movies and shows during the time which the subscription exists.

Are you concerned that you may be encouraging piracy?

There exists a general misconception that when a person attempts to download a movie from the internet to watch, he or she is doing it illegally; in other words, is encouraging piracy. But this is far from the truth.

On the internet, there is a very large bevy of content that is legally streamed. And, surprisingly, most of it is free! With more and more websites jumping on to the bandwagon of providing viewers a digital platform to be able to download and watch movies only, the viewers are spoilt for choice. With the increasing number of online movie patrons, the industry has risen up to the challenge.

You have to search in the right places:

From very old movies that have lost their copyright and are now in the public domain to movies that have released in the recent past, watching the best of the best movies can be a cakewalk if you only master the skill of looking for them in the right place. After all who wants to pay a premium price for something that is available free or for an extremely low cost?

Why online streaming of movies is preferable:

  • The movie streaming sites are extremely viewer friendly
  • The websites are easy to navigate
  • Not device-specific; this literally means that the website can be used to watch movies from any device.

The best places to watch movies online

Amazon Prime

This website has thousands and thousands of movies and TV shows waiting to be lapped up. The content is streamed in high definition without the irritating and long advertisements that are usually accompanied on most other streaming websites.

The content form the website can be streamed and watched on:

  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Gaming consoles
  •  Tablet PC
  • Smart TVs

They have a free thirty day trial period in place after which the viewer may be allowed to download the content on the payment of annual subscription.


This will be our second best choice from the list of websites with the best titles and content. The movies here are subcategorized into the genre and based on their IMDB ratings.

The site also features a search bar where the viewer only needs to key in the movie that he wants to watch and the next minute he can be streamlining it on his device.

There is one particular glitch with this website and that, it is infested with pop up advertisements which can be a bit annoying.


If there is the best website for streaming movies and TV shows for free without any signup procedure then it is this!

The movies are categorized into

  • Genre
  • Country
  •  A-Z list of titles
  • Release year
  • Most watched flicks

The numerous filters available on this site help to zero on the right stuff to watch quite easily. On the landing page of the movie chosen, there is also information about the movie, its plot, ratings, release. One can even watch the trailer here to see if it is going to be something that will pique your interest.

The content streamed is of very high quality and thankfully there are no irritating pop-up advertisements.


This website also enables you to stream content directly to your device without having to first download it into your device. Registration and sign up on the site is not compulsory. Movies from countries such as China, the US, Japan, and Korea can be found here.

The website has a whopping four servers. This means that even if one of the servers is down, the viewer can still have a great experience of watching uninterrupted movies. The advertisements are few and only at the beginning of the show or movie.

One of the best features of this website is that in case the viewer finds that his movie is not found in the database, he can request for the movie.


This is one website that I recently discovered. It has a wealth of a collection from the latest flicks to the old classics. The graphic user interface is simply superb. Fewer advertisements make the viewer’s day.

The best thing perhaps about this no sign up required site is that it has this unique feature of thumb-nailing movie titles with a short description on the IMDB rating and the quality of streaming. This makes it very easy for viewers to make an informed choice.


This movie and TV show streamline website may not have more titles but makes that up with the quality of its content as it has high streaming quality.

There may be a few pop-up advertisements but they can be effectively blocked. If the viewer uses an effective ad-blocker service, the main page will have a wealth of information on the movie including its IMDB ratings. The site is equipped with a search bar for easy searching and navigation. Also, requests can be placed for content desirable if it is not already there in the database.

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