Fake Health Marketing Phrases You Should Ignore

Here’s the truth of health marketing! Your customers know marketing much better than you. That’s right! Technology has advanced the way people think.

Health care is the same as other businesses in the field of marketing. Being a health care marketing agency, there are certain words that are fake and used over and over. The point of using Web, print or podcasts is to be distinct and involve the audience. Usage of such false phrases will only drive away from the required impact. That does not mean not to use those phrases. Rather, health marketing should use phrases to convey what is the fact. Well, this may seem impossible! Why? Because in the health care network, truth is more often concealed.

Many times, health marketing includes words to attract customers. Though all products are not the same, some are great nutritional ones, some aren’t. To be on the safe side, customer beware! Here are a few health phrases, you may come across. You need not be wary about it and use them sparingly.

  • World Class.

While talking about the latest technology, kindly avoid using such words. The reason. Attractive technology is a well-known fact in the healthcare facility. Majority of the patients are not going to travel abroad for treatment. Most can’t afford treatment even in their home country. Hence, these words make no sense. The human benefits such as fast healing and lesser pain give the right message.

  • State of the Art.

What do we understand by this phrase? Many companies have mistaken state of the art relates to the latest technology. Of course every device should have a safety record. Consumers are searching for health care technology that can help fight their diseases. For sure, the technology used should be of the latest and advanced form. This mainly indicates the best practices used in health care.

  • Close to home.

The words here might seem superficial in common usage. The message might indicate about the local care facility available in a town. Local clinics are near one’s house. What this phrase talks about is the quality service provided locally. Whereas, for most treatments or procedures, one may have to travel to the main cities. So where is the point of being close to home? Hence right now, it means you may have to send patients across for best health care.

  • Board certified or Accredited.

There is nothing wrong with this phrase. Just what exactly do these words convey? Let’s be real. Tons of health-related accreditations are present, but it means nothing to patients. Press releases, websites all have details of the certifications. It says: ‘we succeeded, trust us!’ Its not enough to say you succeeded. You ought to explain why accreditation is important. What matters to patients is, the experts know what they are doing and the cure for their conditions.

  • Personalized.

This one is a confusing phrase. People are not interested in hearing it at all. It’s the most overused word in healthcare marketing. Instead deliver an explicit message that conveys the procedure used to treat patients. Health care facilities are changing. So the treatment plan needs to change as well. The doctors need to create a plan that caters to you.

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