Facebook Building Voice Assistant To Rival Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri

A personal assistant is something which everyone couldn’t afford probably a few years ago. With technological revolutions it has become a reality even for the common man. To put in simple words, any person who has access to Alexa or Siri the voice assistant software provided by Amazon and Apple respectively is a welcoming boon for common people. Right from playing music to providing solutions like switching off the lights or even having a watch at your thermostat in smart homes, these voice assistants do come in handy.

With two major giants already in the lead in the market there are many who want to join the bandwagon. The grapevine says that Facebook is in the process of developing a Voice Assistant as a rival to Alexa and Siri. People who earlier worked for Facebook have come up with this exciting news. The project is to be headed by Ira Synder the director of Virtual and Augmented reality division. Insiders have also confirmed the company’s dealing with smart speaker providers in the market.  The news adds that the project is being executed by a team in Redmond.

The concept of a Virtual Assistant is not something new to Facebook. It earlier launched an assistant called M which was an inbuilt component in Facebook. This particular AI helped people in booking reservations or buying a gift for a friend. However, this project was killed at a later point of time because it hugely relied on human efforts.

In a recent reply to reporters Facebook has officially established the news about their project. The AI assistant to be developed by Facebook will include working on its products like Oculus and Portal. Portal is a voice software that helps in executing simple voice commands that are given by the user though it also has Alexa as a built-in software. However, it is exactly not known how the project is to be envisioned in its providing service in the virtual reality sector.

The decline in the reputation of Facebook in recent days could be one major reason why Facebook’s Voice Assistant may not be popular. The market trends too show that Alexa and Siri are way ahead in their success, which means that Facebook has stiff competition in the market. According to a report from eMarketer the shares of Amazon and Google as far as the smart speaker market is concerned are 67 and 30%.

As a conclusion there is not just one challenge that Facebook has to overcome to beat Alexa or Siri. One, it has to be way ahead of Alexa and Siri in order to become popular. Two, it has to regain the trust it has lost in recent times.  Is the Facebook Assistant going to supersede Alexa or Siri is something that people have to wait and watch.

The Voice assistants from Amazon and Apple respond to the command being called such as Alexa or Siri. What will the assistant be called is another major question that pops into the head.

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