Dress Codes For Parents? Mom Claims School Turned Her Away Because Of Outfit

Till recently we have only heard of students getting in trouble with their colleges or schools in relation to dress code. Not anymore! Dress code is creating another great sensation in Houston with a parent turned away from registering her ward in the school. One of the school officials informed the parent to vacate the campus because of her dress.

The lady in trouble Joselyn Lewis was reportedly wearing a T-shirt which had the picture of Marilyn Monroe and she also wore a headscarf. She was asked to move away from the campus while she was trying to register her daughter in the school.

The administrator who represented the school was reported to have said that the parent’s dress was too short and a headscarf was something that was not permitted inside the campus. The parent was apparently perplexed with the behavior of the school administrator since she did not have any issue with her daughter’s previous school.

Lewis reports to have insisted the school administrator show proof with regards to dress code.

Though earlier there was no such official notice from the school end, recently the school has issued a memo which consists of certain regularities for the parent and visitors of the school. It has to be noted that the Principal was not present on the school premises during the incident.

Moreover, the formal publication issued from the school end reads that any individual who wore pajamas, bonnets and hair rollers will be prevented from entering the campus. This letter was issued by the Principal of the School Carlotta Outley Brown when she returned later. The letter further reads that people who wore leggings, pants or torn jeans that are revealing will be prohibited on the campus. Though in the note Brown has expressed that she realized how valuable parents are for the school, she still insisted that parents also need to have high standards with reference to every aspect including their dress sense. This initiative was to inculcate a sense of what’s permissible and what’s not among the children, says Brown.

This incident has created uproar in many sections of the society and has mixed reactions. Many of the schools in Florida are in the process of considering a dress code for parents too after this incidence. State representatives of several districts have also given their nod to consider a dress code for parents. This decision has come into consideration after many shocking stories of parents visit schools in unacceptable dress has come to light.  However, parents have a different opinion regarding this issue. Some say that rejecting admission to a candidate based on the parent’s dressing is something which cannot be accepted. The recent happening also sends across a negative feeling among the parents says a parent.

The issue is not just about dressing up, reports a parent. There are hints of racism underlying the incident according to some people.

The issue has ignited many a discussion and debate across the country.

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