Budweiser Surprises Dwayne Wade With 5 Visitors Whose Lives He Changed For The Better

On April 9, Wade played his final season home game for Miami Heat. The Miami Heat hosted the Philadelphia 76ers. It was the last game that Wade played before his Miami fans. He had helped Miami Heat win 3 NBA championships. Wade was awarded the Sportsman of the Year in 2006 by Sports Illustrated. He had a long career of 16 seasons.

A series of events were planned at the American Airlines Arena. The event was held to honor Wade, who contributed a lot for the game. During the event, things got quite emotional. Five people from the audience came up to express their gratitude. Budweiser captured these touching moments that were shared at the center of the court. As his career comes to an end, Budweiser gave him a warm tribute. They made a touching commercial out of the warm moments.

The ad portrays the 5 people that Wade gave a helping hand during his career. The ad features:

A lady who lost her brother during the Parkland shooting.

She lost her brother during the shooting that took place in Parkland, Fl. Upon hearing her case, Wade came up to console and help her out. The warmth extended turned to be a blessing for her and her family during the loss of their loved one. She came to him and thanked him for caring for them.

A lady who received college tuition fees from Wade.

She came up to say how much Dwayne Wade has been a blessing in her life. When she was lacking financial resources, Wade helped her get through her academics. He paid for her college scholarship fees. She told Wade, “You completely changed the course of my life.”

A lady who went on a shopping spree with Wade after she lost her home in a fire.

She had lost everything, including her house in a wildfire. The fire swept away all her belongings. In their dire need, Wade extended a helping hand of hope. All she could voice out to him was, “You became our hero.”

A young man near Miami who was inspired by Wade.

He was living near Miami in the poor neighborhoods. He had a troubled upbringing and was at the brink of helplessness. Wade spoke words of insight over him. The young man came to express his gratitude to Wade.

Dwayne Wade’s own mother.

This special visitor needed no great introduction. Wade looked at her and said, “How you doing, Mom?” Jolinda Wade was a former drug seller and user who went to jail when Wade was 8. She spent some time in prison before turning over a new leaf.

She told her son Wade, “Your mama went down a road, Dwyane, that I didn’t ever think I’d come back from. But on that road, I noticed you kept showing up and you’d come see about me. And Dwyane, because you believed in me, when I got out of prison, I was a different woman.” She also added, “I am more proud of the man you have become than the basketball player. You are bigger than basketball.”

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