Asos Billionaire Fashion Mogul, Anders Holch Povlsen Loses 3 Children In Sri Lanka Attacks

In Sri Lanka, more than 300 people died due to a bomb attack on Easter Sunday. It was confirmed that among those killed, three of them are Anders Holch Povlsen’s kids. The Danish billionaire is the CEO of Bestseller, a clothing retail chain. He also holds shares in Asos and Zalando.

The tycoon was on holiday with his wife and 4 kids in Sri Lanka, when bombers attacked the hotel. They were staying at the Shangri-La, Hotel, Colombo. Media claims the couples 3 children were among those killed. Povlsen was in the hospital for a few days after the attacks in Colombo. He has returned safely to Denmark, according to the Danish ambassador in India.

Six days before the attack, Alma, the eldest child posted on Instagram. The post was about her siblings; Astrid, Agnes and Alfred enjoying by the pool. After the tragic killings, well-wishers poured in wishes from all over the world.

The funeral was a few days after the memorial service In Brande. Povlsen describes the loss of his children as “utterly incomprehensible”. Povlsen gave an emotional farewell for his 3 children who died in Sri Lanka. The white coffins were covered with flowers and balloons. The service took place in the Aarhus Cathedral, Denmark. He along with his wife Anne and their surviving daughter Astrid followed the coffins.

A large number of mourners took part in the ceremony.  The Povlsen family along with others watched the coffins being removed. The Danish Prime Minister and members of the Danish Royal family took part in the service.

During the funeral service, Pastor Arne Holst-Larsen gave an address. He said, “The loss of our beloved children Alma, Agnes and Alfred are completely incomprehensible. With the many lovely people we have around us, close friends, talented colleagues and our loving family we will come together through it. We greatly appreciate the humanity that is also shown in Brande tonight – not only to our families and children, but to all the victims of the cruel acts in Sri Lanka.”

After the service, Astrid released colored balloons into the sky. This was in loving memory of her brother and sisters. Povlsen expressed thanks to everyone for their continued love and support. A torchlight vigil was held in the neighboring school called Hojvangskolen. The couple’s 2 children were students in this local school.

A few days later, Mr and Mrs Povlsen told The Scotsman and Press and Journal, “We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the condolences, sympathy and many warming thoughts we have received following the tragic loss of our three beloved and beautiful children, Alfred, Agnes and Alma. The Scottish Highlands has granted us abiding, special memories for our family. It is for this reason that many of the words of comfort have fortified us and touched our hearts.”

The couple expressed their condolences to the families of those killed in the attack. They further added: “In the immense sadness, we are genuinely grateful that we remain united with our daughter, Astrid. The loving memory of our three children, their wonderful spirit and souls will always be in our hearts.”

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